Monday, September 28, 2009

Accidental Education

By Abbie Whelan

This blog is all about providing for the reader’s interests, as well as serving as canvas for us, as a group, to share our thoughts, opinions and interests with those who care to delve into our world. As a journalism student, this blog creates an opportunity for me to share my thoughts and experiences with journalism and all students alike.

Our blog stands to provide interesting reviews and takes on other works in the journalism arena, so that our readers can get fresh and exciting views on these, rather than getting the boring, dragged out versions, without the spice of the writer’s opinion.

The whole point of journalism is to get information out there into the world, to make it accessible to those that want to read it. On the other hand though, the point of being a student at varsity is to learn while having as much fun as is humanly possible. Our blog combines these two concepts, allowing students to get hold of information that they can learn from and that they want to know, while also getting the fun side of things with the opinions of our group and of our fellow students who will surely have a thing or two to say. Learning to write reviews is part of becoming a journalist, so our blog is also here to help journalism students like ourselves learn these skills while having fun and learning about the world at the same time.

As a fun-loving Rhodent and aspiring journalist myself, I know that this sort of blog may not catch the attention of readers as easily as other, and our reviews and opinions may be addressing issues that other students would rather leave to find out about on the radio while driving to their next big night out, but that is why our delivery is different to that which is expected.

With a focus on political issues, I hope to bring some enlightenment to those readers who are not as aware as they should be about what is going on around them in their own country and around the world. Of course, I will be adding my own spin to these reviews, and the opinions of students on campus will always be given a spot in my posts.

With our input as a group, and our aim to educate as well as entertain fellow students and up-and-coming journalists, we really seek to deliver relevancy to the Rhodes campus, giving our fellow classmates their very own Rhodent’s slice of cheese.

“Be the change you wish to see, for now the moment is passing.”

By Emily Knowles
483 words

My parents are “Clandestine Hippies,” mention LSD or free love and you will be chased from the house with a threatening shoe; but broach the current environmental crisis our world faces and you will be ushered into the living room, fed far too much wine and enter into an intense conversation about greenhouse gases. When my sister graduated as an environmental scientist and was not sporting a handmade, tie-dye dress, my parents were ecstatic - she could do no wrong.
 Upon commencing my new life at Rhodes University, I have found my passion. To my absolute glee it causes a degree of gloating to escape my mother’s lips.
 “I LOVE OUR PLANET.” There, I said it. I’ve officially come out of the closet! This closet is a dark and dingy place where capitalist greed has caused poor policies that have encroached upon natural habitats and poisoned some of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. But enough with all that heavy talk...My aim is not to depress you.

My postings will be for the student, by the student. I intend to analyse intellectual blogs and make their mundane, incomprehensible and often tedious information fascinating.
I want to redefine the stereotypes given to the environmentally concerned. Being pro-active does not make us hippies, green machines or “those odd, naked folk who have hairy armpits and sit in trees.” It simply earns us a reputation as a generation that is no longer resigned to accepting the guilt of our fore-fathers environmental degradation. The dynamo our society needs to spur others on. With effortless acts we can make society not just cease their guilt trip, but be part of a ‘pay it forward’ scheme dedicated to ourselves and simply displaying our inherent desire for self-preservation.
 I am not proposing Greenpeace style anarchy. This is mainly because they are a rubbish organisation, but more about that argument another, sunny day. I simply write in order to nurture your inner Clandestine Hippy so that when you walk past a blooming petal; you will smell it, maybe put it in your hair and remember exactly why you want to preserve your verdant surrounds.

This blog will consist of global environmental news, summaries of new discoveries and ways that you can implement them in your daily life. Lastly, I intend to analyse contemporary policies, regulations and traditions that are of concern. This will not only help you look a little more impressive to your tutor, but encourage a community where an awareness to contemporary, vital and key issues can be discussed in an interactive way.

I intend to make my passion my future. Utilising political skills, I will advocate and increase environmental subsistence living at economical rates in the developing world. Furthermore, with my journalism, I will continue the plight to change the minds of corporations who have the resources and funding capabilities to increase and preserve bio-diverse habitats.

the Rhodents' blog!

By Debra Chitadzinga
My name is Debra Chidochemoyo Chitadzinga. I am a female student at Rhodes University South Africa studying towards a BA/LLB, currently in my first year. Zimbabwe is my mother land; I was born and bred there. In appearance I am fair in complexion, long black natural hair, black eyes, medium built, long face, small nose. I am a natural I do not wear make up or jewellery quite reserved and can describe myself as someone who is tolerant, hardworking, thoughtful, opinionated, honest and humble.

I am part of a blog group called the Rhodents’ slice of cheese and it has four members, namely Emily, Abigail, Stephen and my self. Our blog will be concentrated on some interesting commentary and features about life in Grahamstown. Our target audience is primarily Rhodes University students and any journalism students around the world. It particularly looks at the lives of students at Rhodes University who are usually called the “Rhodents”. The blog aims to inform the reader as often as possible about the latest issues that affect Rhodes student; whether directly or indirectly.

These issues vary from the latest news, entertainment, detailed information about upcoming events at the University, politics and even current affairs! It will also comment on other various blogs as it is open to comments and opinions as these will help us to work on our weaknesses and grow. We are aiming to give knowledge to the world and also at the same time receive knowledge from the world. This blog is going to be interesting and very creative, humorous and colourful since it is inspired by purple and it will also have pictures to add life to it. It will also make use of reliable and credible sources therefore it will be authentic.

I view the world as an interesting friendly home for everyone and it also has interesting people that live in it. This blog aims to write about the Rhodes world and all that happens in it. To me journalism is like a bridge between the people and the world around them. It acts as a medium of communication between these two. For one to be a successful journalist he/she has to be in contact with the real world and all that happens in it. Also one needs to be disciplined and passionate in order to be a successful journalism student. I believe that there is so much deception that is going on around that many students are ignorant of. I believe that as a journalist I have that duty to inform my fellow colleagues of what is happening around them.