Monday, October 19, 2009

Animal Rights - Rhodent Support

By Abbie Whelan

The issue of animal rights is by no means a new one, and is often shrugged off by those who hear too much about it, or think that because they eat meat they are not able to support. However, two weeks ago the issue was covered extensively by the Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights (ROAR), with talks and protests throughout the week, and a horrific exhibition of photographs taken by Rhodes students up in Eden Grove for all to see. The organisation did a great job of covering all the bases, while getting people involved and educating all who attended the talks, or even just paused to have a look at the photographs.
Animal abuse in South Africa and around the world is a major problem, and the fighting against which I support wholeheartedly. It is great to see such effort being put into such a worthy cause by my fellow Rhodents, and it makes me proud to see so many people getting involved during the week of campaigning. Also, it was fantastic to see that the organisation had used fun and creative ways to get people involved, such as the t-shirt printing and the streak through campus, but then also supplied several speakers that spoke on a variety of topics to educate those who are unaware of the harm being done to animals across the globe. This is one cause for which my support will never waver, but after seeing all that ROAR supplied, my support has now multiplied tenfold.

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