Saturday, October 17, 2009

A ghost at Rhodes!

Debra Chitadzinga
Around the beautiful campus, one is greeted by purple coloured posters, boldly written which read: RHODES REJECTS RACISM. There is an impression of a family that does not know race or skin colour but brothers and sisters. The issue of racism, to some is like a historical primitive folk tale, which they last heard from their grandparents’ parents.others racism never existed, to them we are all the same, while others feel that one’ skin colour determines, how one is to be treated and respected. The last line of thought is so primitive and I would not expect to heart about it from a University student studying towards a degree! It is sad to note that even lecturers are also victims of racism at this University.

A lecturer in the Journalism and Media Studies department, Professor Fackson Banda and his family suffered what he calls “racist indignity” as a “white” student called them “niggers,” during the Inter-Varsity weekend. The story is covered by Bilal Randeree, of Grocott’s Mail Grahamstown. The professor was affected by this and he thinks that despite all the campaigns that the University holds against such behaviour, the problem is not easily solved. The SRC, the Dean of students and the student body at large are also involved in campaigns against any discrimination, but the students seem to be losing hope. They are worried that these campaigns might just be a lot in theory and less in practice. Some of the student unions are even calling for the name of the university to be changed, since it has colonial attachment.

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