Thursday, October 29, 2009

When Life Gets Boring - Mix It Up a Little...

By Abbie Whelan

Yes, it’s true; res food has finally pushed me over the edge. Being someone who loves food, but time and time again has been let down by the unidentifiable muck on the dining hall plates, I have turned to trying the oddest assortment of treats that have been recommended by friends. Therefore, I set aside some time this past weekend to indulge in some of the things that I have refused until now to try.

As my friends approached, with all sorts of food in their hands, I regretted having agreed to this, yet with the ever-disappointing lunch I had just received in the dining hall, my stomach was eager enough for me to go through with it. Things that I had believed should never be mixed were brought together, and my mouth can vouch that these were glorious unions of food that made my stomach dance and my tongue sing hymns of praise to the people who had opened my eyes.

The crunchy texture of the sweet Marie Biscuit, mixed with the smooth creaminess of the savoury cheese…the perfect marriage of sticky peanut butter, and sweet gooeyness of maple syrup…these may be average treats for many people, but for me: mixing of foods used to be sacrilege. I was never one to be adventurous, or to combine foods together, as the occasion had never called for it. However, being in res has taught me to try many new things and has exposed me to numerous different situations and people. And I am so grateful that I was put into these situations, otherwise I wouldn’t have been sitting, chatting to my good friends while eating my new found favourite treat: soodles! Yes, instant soup and two minute noodles together: who would have thought that two things made to be eaten as separate meals would have made such a magical mergence, resulting in my mouth catching its very own glimpse of heaven? Absolutely magnificent.

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