Thursday, October 29, 2009

Try This On For Size

By Abbie Whelan

So, out of all the blogs I scanned through the one that struck me the most was “Put THIS on a T-Shirt”. The name caught my attention, and although the design of the blog didn’t jump out at me, the content sure did. To me, this is what a journalism students’ blog should be. The content covered stories that were up to date and in the news, and their opinion pieces were definitely opinionated and relevant to students today.

However, their content was rather sparse, and could do with a few more posts in order for viewers to get a good understanding of where they are as a blog and what to expect from future posts. After a bit of sprucing up, the layout could attract more people, or at least get those who are drawn in by the name to stay a bit longer.

Their name was a good choice in explaining their goals as a blog, which include showing serious issues in a “more humorous and sarcastic light”. This is a great stand to take, and I did read a couple of articles that did just that. However, it is obvious that serious issues are also taken a bit more seriously by the creators than I think they had first planned, resulting in the opinionated but not very humorous coverage of certain issues. This is great too, and still appeals to journalism students, but perhaps then the name should be reassessed to reflect this characteristic.

Overall though, great blog, well-written sarcastic stories that provided a good laugh and a great attempt at providing journalism students with what they are looking for in fellow students’ blog content. But don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself at

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