Friday, October 30, 2009

Viva la Revolution!

By Stephen Mina
Whether it’s for the reading, the revolution or the relevance, Rhodes students can sleep better, or stay awake longer, knowing that Revolution Readers, a strikingly original blog, is here. So get out your banners and reading glasses, because the revolution is in town.

I have been actively wrapped up in the fine art of blogging this past term and have learned a thing or two about how the blog is mastered (learned but not really done so). So it was to my delight that I was greeted with a visual feast of psychedelic colours and the painted face of Steve Biko. Most blogs all carry the same BlogSpot layout, to which I am guilty, but these bloggers really took presentation to a new level, a must when competing for visibility. There are no side gadgets or toys, but don’t let that fool you. This makes the content more relevant.

If you are a Rhodes student looking for rarely discussed topics, scenic pictures of the town and news outside the Grahamstown bubble, then heaven awaits on your computer screen. The bloggers run continuous poetry and picture series (Scenes from Grahamstown) to steal your breath. And just so we don’t forget SA, you have articles ranging from the Semenya debacle to Zapiro cartoons.

The blog is also about reading, another thing well lived up to. Whether through the lament of the sentence-destroying comma, fifty blogging tips and latest books being discussed too, these four bloggers made a mission statement and have lived up to it.

So why are you still here? Click my link and get carried away on the road to revolution. Viva!

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