Friday, October 30, 2009

A crazy but sad goodbye

In many ways I find myself so strange and unusual, that there is very little outside of my comfort zone. I’m crazy, not in a cheerful zany way, but more like an “I’ll eat your children” way. So when confronted with this assignment, I just decided to go for bust and went completely out of my tiny little mind.

There are many things that have happened to me this week that were shocking and horrible, definitely setting me outside of my comfort zone. I was betrayed, I was thrown out of love and I cried, for the first time, over a girl who I had loved more than life itself. My heart was broken in the worst way and I still can’t get over it. How do you turn away from someone who’s been a part of you, that you have given your heart and soul to? I told you all in the beginning that I was not a serious person and ever the optimist. However, it’s in moments like these that you need to cry like an Emo and write with heartache, trying to scribble away the pain.

Still, I’ve been funny up to this point, so I guess I should explain myself in the photo. The picture shows me sitting on the fire escape of Joe Slovo right outside my subwarden’s room, just having had a shower and in my bath towel, wearing sunglasses, playing guitar, smoking and having “Eat Me” written across my chest. Now I never smoke, I can only play bass guitar, I don’t wear sunglasses in the dark, I shower (so don’t panic) but I don’t run outside afterwards and the marker normally goes on my arms. I was laughed at by pretty much my whole house and the girl’s res next door. My fellow Journalist who took the photo, smothered a grin, while his girlfriend turned away, clearly embarrassed of being within ten metres of an evident nutcase. My singing of an Elvis classic, Viva Las Vegas, didn’t impress my subwarden either, who told me to shut up or receive hours.

I am now officially the looney of Joe Slovo House and I couldn’t be happier. This exercise was my farewell to reputation and a release of Pure Unrefined Stephen Mina. In half an hour I freed myself from everyone’s opinion and was just myself, which made me immeasurably proud. Wouldn’t life be a whole lot better if we released our masks and showed the world the real us? I understand your way of doing this may not involve being half-naked and singing awfully, but give it a try. It might surprise you.

In closing I wish to say farewell my legions of fans (Oh I flatter myself!) and thank you for all your support and comments. It has truly been awesome brightening your day and if I could find another way, then I would take it with both hands and hammer it into you. All the best! Love your Mad Uncle Steve.

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