Sunday, October 18, 2009

“During a campaign, the air is full of speeches - and vice versa.” - Author Unknown.

By Emily Knowles

I agree. Obama’s winning campaign involves:
1. Charting a new energy future
2. Invest in clean, renewable energy
3. Fight climate change

Well, whoop-de-friggin’-doo! I have 3 minor concerns about his policy:
1. He hasn’t charted any specifics
2. The US government invested in renewable energy prior to Obama
3. How can one ‘fight’ nature exactly?

I am becoming increasingly aware of the utter rubbish that remains static in the political realm of the ‘said'... but never ‘done.’

Shockingly, The Maldives has DONE something about climate change. This might be because rising water will engulf much of the Maldives within the next 100 years. However, they have sparked global interest and promoted themselves as a frontline state dedicated to ensuring the success of political legislation that will make a difference to the effects of inevitable climate change.

On the 17th October, President Mohamed Nasheed’s cabinet conducted an official meeting at a depth of 6 metres for 30 minutes. They created a resolution asking The UN to ensure the international community reduces their carbon emissions in order to sustain the life of states like the Maldives.

Nasheed has demonstrated a rare triumph in the political arena. He has shown commitment to the prosperity of all through a pro-active, “less talk...more work” policy.

Coverage of this historic event is appalling. Yes, many-a news station has covered the story, but in a formal, inconsequential manner. Opinions get noticed. This should be HUGE! If the masses cause a ruckus, individuals at Copenhagen in December will listen. Furthermore, they will feel compelled to act and alter existing poor environmental policies that are in place to combat the repercussions of global warming.

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