Friday, October 2, 2009

Rhodent let loose!

By Stephen Mina

Who am I? What do I do? Well, I’m not a philosopher, but an intrepid journalist (the fact the Philosophy is one of my subjects doesn’t matter right now) and apart from listening to music, doodling, playing guitar while jumping on my bed and living the good and maring life of any decent Rhodes student, I am blogging. Yes, the freak has been let loose and is currently invading your screen under the guise of The Rhodent’s Slice of Cheese. You have been warned, so if you continue reading and never stop, then I cannot be held accountable for my addictive personality and posts.
Alright, those of you still with me can take a rare trip into the inner workings of a crazed Rhodent’s brain and see what motivates him to write such things. If I say it’s for marks and my academic future depends on this, then my lecturers will shoot me, so I think we’ll look at other reasons. To lay it down straight: this is a blog for Rhodents, by a Rhodent with other Rhodents in mind. Yes, those of us who wear overalls, have little or no fashion sense and will eat anything besides McDonalds can all relate to this blog. The main reason why is that it concerns aspects that affect student life at Grahamstown. The older generations may also get a jolly out of the way we think and act too.
Our posts are not all doom and gloom. Many of us love to complain about boring and played out issues, but not about the fun stuff. What other blog would tell you about how to fend off the infamous first year spread, or quick and easy ways to procrastinate? Such features and commentaries on issues and stories should put a smile on the face of all students and make them take on the world with some, if not excessive, optimism.
I am not a serious person. I like jokes, I like to laugh and I like liking stuff. So please, do not read any of my posts and expect to come away weeping (unless it’s with laughter or the two minutes of your life you’ll never get back), because I’m going to look at fun articles. Do the Sun, The Onion and Hayibo get any of you grinning? Well, when the Grahamstown stories get slim, that’s where I’m heading to write. I want to show the world, starting with Rhodents, that life can be decent, maybe even fun.
So follow me and the crew as we embark on our satirical and loony boat ride along the G-town stream of life, picking up flowers from the other places on the way too and remember: life should never be taken seriously; nobody gets out alive anyway.


  1. love the comically-morbid ending ;)

  2. Its not that we don't eat Mc D's. We would, if there was one in Gtown. Petition anyone? They may be corporate pigs, but darnit, I miss their fries!