Friday, October 30, 2009

Confessions or Opinions?

Debra C. Chitadzinga
I was looking at the blog named Confessions of a journ student The name suggests that the blog would look at confession from journalism students, sharing their joys and challenges. These were successfully and clearly laid out in their mission statements. A post by John Vries caught my eye as it clearly gives the reader a glimpse of what to expect. However, as more posts were made the blog was disappointing to me because it diverts from its main aim and begins to focus more on the news happening around rather than issues that “torture, the journ student”. Posts were made which I felt diverted from the main idea of bringing out confessions of journ students are about Michael Jackson, the police and races .

The blogs makes use of language that might be accepted by other readers such as "bull shit” “fuck all” or “kick their asses” but considering that the writers are not aware of who might read their posts such language can drive some readers away. However, the content has evidence of good research; there is use of hyperlinks which lead the reader to other sources. A big thumbs up is to the post about the University of Free State, though the post does not bring out any “confessions of journalism students”. The blog is neatly presented, characterised by purple on black. There is a good combination of colours and they give the blog a mature look that attracts readers and also make reading easier.

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