Sunday, October 25, 2009

Buying your identity is selling out

by Stephen Mina

I do not like Emo kids. I don’t like their moping hair, their tight skinny jeans or their sullen pierced faces. Why do I wish they’d all wash away like the drips they are?

Well, that’s because back in my High School, I witnessed the horrifying transition, where many changed from an ardent love for funk to thinking it was fashionable to cut yourself and cry fake tears. Emo was a fashion statement. You might say that being emo is part of expressing your individuality and feelings. Well, if you all look the same, like the same music, then you are really an individual, congratulations. A Goth in SL Magazine recently stated that emos were depressed teenagers who’d eventually grow out of it and I agree. Any fashion goes out of style.

In a bigger context, the reign of The Emo reflects the loss of individuality many people experience. When every guy wants the BMW M3 and every girl wants Edward Cullen they show that they really just don’t think for themselves anymore. They say Emo is a place to express your feelings and get in touch with yourself, but is following under the same banner going to do that? Jared Leto and Gerard Way, two singers of “Emo” bands, called the movement rubbish. Maybe they found that their individuality was getting cheap?

So I’m not slamming expressing yourself and shedding the odd tear, just don’t do it to stay fashionable and keep a plastic image. Be your own.

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